Standing at the edge

Posted on October 24, 2013

I had the opportunity to speak at a conference this morning about what we are doing at VeloCity. During my presentation I made an offhand comment about how much I have learned about the human body since taking this job. Why?

The application of technology is reaching beyond the traditional uses of hardware and software into areas that yearn for innovation. With that comes an understanding of areas outside of technology itself. For example, Thalmic Labs taught me that every muscle in your hand is connected at some point to the muscles in your forearm. By measuring muscle activity in your forearm you could determine what the muscles in your hand are doing. Medella Health taught me that the only way to obtain an accurate reading of blood glucose levels (sugar levels in your blood for diabetics out there) without measuring your blood itself was through your eyes. By placing a contact lens on the eye they can measure your glucose levels with minimal delay allowing diabetics to stop pricking their finger every day.

The lesson learned today is how I am losing my sensitivity to standing at the edge of what technology can do. It is normal to talk about contact lenses that can measure glucose levels, smart glass that can be controlled by your smartphone, or an armband that can read your hand gestures. It is normal to talk about software that save developers tons of time in managing their development environments, project planning software that uses email as an interface or decision making software that significantly reduces the cost of making hard decisions.

The amazing part is that I have only described 6 of the 30+ companies who call the VeloCity Garage their home today. The environment makes me want to start my own company (again) and solve a real problem in the world.

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