Day One as a startup's first CTO

Day One – EnPowered’s First CTO

I have enjoyed bringing everyone along on my journey to find my new role at EnPowered. Today was my first day, and I wanted to share how it went!

Over the last week, I completed many everyday onboarding tasks like setting up my computer, email, Slack, HR system, etc. I even had the chance to attend one of the team’s all-hands meetings to introduce myself. I also received some “light reading” to understand the state of the company. In so many ways, it already felt like I was part of the company, and I woke up this morning excited to get started!

My first meeting was an overview of the company from the HR leader and an opportunity to ask many questions. I already had a long list, and we had a great discussion about both the challenges and opportunities. It was a great way to kick off my first day and set my expectations for how I should expect the company to operate in terms of culture, transparency, and cooperation.

From there, the rest of the day seemed like a blur of activity. From a design meeting, to a 90-minute session with the VP Engineering, to a second onboarding session with the CEO (Tomas) walking the new hires through his vision. Finally, I ended the day debriefing with Tomas and walking through as many of the questions on my list as possible.

I have a LOT to learn, which is really exciting. The energy market is complicated, and there are a lot of players. It is set up differently in various regions, and that adds yet another level of complexity. I enjoy learning from Tomas, who has spent years studying and learning how all of the players fit together.

That said, I have noticed so many opportunities where I can contribute and help out. Even better, I know that I am just scratching the surface. I can’t wait to jump in and help take some of the load off my team.