My next career step - EnPowered CTO

I have a new job!

It has been a crazy three weeks since I announced that I was leaving Encircle. I have been truly blown away by the number of people who have reached out to catch up and share some of their ideas for my next adventure. I am excited to have found my new role.

I outlined in a previous post what I was looking for in my next adventure. I’m going to walk through what I was hoping for and indicate how what I found matches up, at the risk of repeating myself!

  1. Local – Ideally, the company is based in Waterloo Region and is a Canadian company. Check.
  2. Great people – I have been clear from the beginning that I want to work with great people. I have met many on the team already and have known the CEO for several years. Check.
  3. Leverage what I know – I want to take many of the lessons I’ve learned during my career and apply them at another company. Check.
  4. Staying power – I want to find a company where I can really dig in. The CEO has a solid vision for many years to come and I am excited to help bring it to fruition. Check.

As I explored other opportunities, I realized I had other criteria that were important to me.

  1. Great culture – While great people typically work at a company with a great culture, it isn’t always true. The initial signs show that the company has worked hard to build a great culture, even during COVID times. Check.
  2. Big impact – I want to work at a place where I can share what I have learned across my career and coach others to help them grow. I’m confident that my new role will give me that opportunity. Check.
  3. Bigger cause – Ideally, I would love to work for a company that is helping to solve a big problem in the world and in a space where issues are big. Check.

That’s 7 out of 7! I am excited to announce that I will be the CTO of EnPowered!

It will be great to work with Tomas van Stee who I have known since his time building EnPowered at Velocity. It makes me very happy and proud to be working with another Velocity company. EnPowered is focused on building solutions to help businesses make better decisions regardingenergy usage. The company has gone so far as to create a movement to accelerate the adoption of all energy and clean technology innovations – the Virtual Energy Movement. The reality is that the current energy markets won’t bring about the changes we need unless we first show businesses a strong return on investment for energy projects.

My first day at EnPowered will be on October 19th and I will save everyone from the awful Dad jokes about how I am moving from one En company to another.